Information and Resources
Barks 'n' Wiggles was created to provide valuable Information and Resources to the dog community about health, wellness, and exercise. 
We search, found, and brought together local businesses located throughout the Central Valley that supports the dog community, and are offering their products and services to you. 
Pet Insurance
Veterinarian Care
Dog Training
Pet Identification
Pet Products
Outdoor Exercise
                   ....and More!!
Health, Wellness and Exercise
Our Story
Throughout the years, many questions were being asked by our members about dog care such as:

What is the best Pet Insurance?  
What park parasites do I need to be concerned about, and to keep my dog safe? 
Which training technique is best for certain behavioral problems?
What foods are healthier for my dog?
........and so on.

Five years later with over 540 members, it was at that moment that Cinnamon wanted to make an impact and take Tiny Paws - small dog play group to the next level.  What was once just a simple small dog play group, is now Tiny Paws Fresno, a nonprofit corporation 501(c)(3) Resource Center that is continuously growing and spreading awareness about positive and beneficial socialization skills, fun, and exercise for small dogs. We are implementing new ideas about helpful resources, education, and services to offer the small dog community.

Together we can make a difference!
Tiny Paws.​Tiny Paws - small dog play group was established on April 14, 2013 by Organizer Cinnamon Grooms, for the purpose of bringing a variety of small breed dogs together to experience positive and beneficial socialization skills, fun, and exercise in a safe off-leash enclosed outdoor environment.